Who We Are

Blitz DDS, a Microsoft Partner, converts data into meaningful reports and dashboards by combining multiple data sources to show key performance indicators side by side for well informed decisions.

Blitz DDS provides Microsoft Office 365 training to increase workforce productivity.

Blitz DDS provides advisory services by finding savings opportunities and boosting revenues.

Quick Access to Key Performance Indicators

Whether through Excel, SharePoint, or any other method, we will provide you with an easy access to interactive dashboards based on your needs.

Minimize your time to access complex spreadsheets

Putting an end to manual data extractions by using our automated dashboards. The dashboards will update themselves at different time schedules and create automated approval workflows for a variety of tasks.

Make informed Decisions

You are in Operations, Finance, Marketing, or any other areas , drive your organization to success by using our powerful automated Dashboard and Database Solutions for your day-to-day decision making.

Work With Us

Having accurate and timely automated reports minimizes human errors and eliminates tedious daily tasks. This will help you focus more on business success strategies. Our priority is delivering high quality and trusted customized solutions for businesses across all industries.

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